The Books

Inner Demons

ISBN 9781497519855

Finding yourself is hard at the best of times, but when your true nature is of something more sinister that's when the real demons begin to surface...

Aimee Johnson has been through hell and back after suffering a sick and twisted youth followed by an abusive relationship. Time had taken its toll on her life, but now Aimee is re-born and ready to use her bad side for her own good.

Pushed to a point of no return by her boyfriend revealed more than she could ever have imagined and now Aimee revels in her true calling.

A mystery woman already had plans for her but will Aimee obey?

Inner Demons II

ISBN 9781625262158

Demons when they sizzle...

Aimee Johnson is really feeling the heat these days. There's her boyfriend Ben, who satisfies her as no other can despite the hex on him. In her gratitude, she is slowly killing him.

Then there is Nixon, a primordial being with an agenda of his own, and let's not forget Aimee's deepest desires and fiercest hungers, fueled by her own Inner Demon.

And everyone knows you can never trust a Demon...

Inner Demons III

ISBN 9781625263575

Demons scorned...

Protecting the soul of her dead lover came with a price. Aimee Johnson, born again demon has been trapped within a demon's curse going on for twenty years now, forged by her one time ex-lover Nixon, a high ranking member of the Circle of Nine. Her lifeless body has been bound with dark majick whilst her parted soul is stuck in the limbo of Hell.

Her only hope of release is her father Cash, a lesser demon himself who seeks help from his priestess Lili and must contend with the limitations of demon hour, the pursuit of a bracelet and the lover who Aimee killed.

...An ultimate price must be paid.

Will Aimee have her happy ending and be reunited with Ben, the soul she saved from Nixon's grasp or will things take a turn for the worse?

A carnal offering may just seal the deal.