The dreaded Bio!

A place where I must talk about myself instead of hiding in another world and behind the voices of my characters.


Here goes...

So, as the story goes there are good times and there are bad times. The main character of this story imparticular has had her fair share of each and decided to embrace the written word and pour her heart and soul into a world where no one else can be lost with time.

A very proud mother who believes in self expression and when she is not writing or reading she is lost in music or creating some form of art. Starting each new day with cartoons, blast beats and guitar solos keeps Lisa a happy bunny!

Since 2014 Lisa has released three novels AKA the Inner Demons series through her publisher, Solstice Shadows, with a fourth spinoff installment on its way! Not only limited to urban fantasy or paranormal romance she has more ideas waiting to hit the page, hoping to tug on the heartstrings of her readers and share the love, laughter, tears and some naughty lip biting too...